hey jules… the ShapeButton cuts off the edges if you set it to have an outline… I change the code to something like this…

    const float offset = isButtonDown ? (1.5f + (outlineWidth/2) ) : (0.0f + (outlineWidth/2) );

    const AffineTransform trans (shape.getTransformToScaleToFit (offset, offset,
                                                                 w - offset - outlineWidth, h - offset - outlineWidth,

added the outlineWidth stuff… btw, is it really better to not perform float division… so something like (outlineWidth*0.5f) would be better optimized technically?

oh, right. Thanks, Mod, I’ll tweak that.

Don’t think a division’s exactly going to bring your cpu to its knees, though I usually make a habit of multiplying wherever I can.