Sharing parameters between plugins

Does anybody have any recommended ways for sharing parameters between plugins?

I’m working on a suite of plugins to help with authoring 3D audio for virtual reality.

The user will have a plugin for each object that produces sound, and they with automate it’s position, etc. They will have a plugin that generates audio based on the position of the users head. But there are some parameters that need to be shared between all plugins, like the size of the room, material of the walls, etc.

I know there is no standard way to share these parameters between plugins, but does anybody done something like this before and have a way that would work? It needs to support AAX and VST on Windows / Mac.

Thanks for any ideas.

maybe use that juce::InterprocessConnection class and write a little host servlet that runs in the background for each plugin instance to talk to?

Perhaps the OSC module would be useful.

In the past I think you could probably rely on global variables for sharing this kind of data, but with lots of plug-ins hosted in separate processes these days you can’t. I really like websockets for making things talk to each other which might be an option

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