Shift key modifiers might not be detected when hosting VST plugins

When you press shift and scroll the mouse up or down in the u-he plugins, you should be able to finetune controls. This works in Ardour, but not in Tracktion/Radium/"Juce Plug-In Host" (which I guess all uses JUCE for hosting VST plugins). Just compiled latest "Juce Plug-In Host" from github, and it has the same behaviour.


I don't know if it's a bug in the u-he plugins or in Juce though. Are there any other VST plugins that uses shift like this we can test with?


Bug was reported first by "swindus" to the u-he forum:


I have some plugins that use shift and control + mouse click/drag for custom behaviour, so I'll try this out.

EDIT: I can confirm the issue.