Show PopupMenu on FileDragAndDropTarget::filesDropped()


When a user drops a file on my application, I'd like to give them some options as to what to do with it. I use a PopupMenu for this.

Because OSX gives your window focus only when you hover over it for, say, half a second, it can happen people drop a file without the window having focus. This creates all sorts of problems with the PopupMenu that's created on filesDropped().

  • The PopupMenu gets destroyed as soon as you mouse-exit it
  • I believe the popup gets destroyed as soon as the window does gain focus (using e.g. cmd+tab)

What's the best way to solve this? Can I force my window to take focus after dropping a file? Should I not use PopupMenu? Is this simply a restriction from OSX and can't it be helped?

(getTopLevelComponent()->toFront(true); doesn't work, but I've never done this and the documentation of DocumentWindow is rather...lacking, in this respect).


Does Process::makeForegroundProcess() do the trick?


Unfortunately, it doesn't :(


Then it may just be the OS preventing the app from coming to the front.


Yes, I was afraid of that. Nothing JUCE can't help, I guess. Thanks for clearing this up!