Showing Waiting mesaage Box


Hi There,

I need a mesage Box, to show the user a message like “Please wait, while proccesing your data”. No need any buttons on it and it should not be a modal dialog box. I procees the data while showing this window and destroy it after finished. Do we have anythng like that currently?

Thanks in advance.


Of course - check out the ThreadWithProgressWindow, or just an AlertWindow…


I still face a problem but dont know the reason.

I have main thread which is the application itself and I will proccess some data here in this main thread. MeanWhile I would like to show just a message “Please Wait”. I can not do that right now. I cant put this message in a modal dialog since it will block proccesing. If I put this into another thread then nothinging being displayed.

I am realy stuck here. Need some help:)



Have you had a look at the demo of the ThreadWithProgressWindow in the juce demo? You need to put your other processing on another thread.