Sidechain buffer content when disabled in Protools

Hey all,

So I’m working on a plugin that convolves the audio from a main bus with a sidechain. I’ve been following the NoiseGate plugin as a reference for sidechaining.

When a correct mono bus is fed into the sidechain, it works perfectly. My issue is that when “no key input” is selected, I get what seems to be random samples; sometimes it’s nothing, sometimes it’s the main bus, sometimes it’s horrendously loud noise.

How can I detect if “no key input” has been selected so that I don’t expose the user to an wanted sound? I haven’t been able to find the answer. ProTools always gives me a sidechain input with 1 channel, even when no key input is selected.

I don’t think it’s my code but it’s bizarre that I get such randomness when no sidechain input bus is selected so I’d be happy to share.

Thanks for any help or advice.



Thanks for alerting me to this change! Fixed it! It’s been time to pull for a little while now I guess :smirk: