SIdechain input with synth plugin?

Hey all,

I’m trying to make a sound generating plug-in that also can function as a MIDI-controlled audio effect plugin. The aim is to have a toggle where the user can select between either having sample playback or a stereo sidechain input as their sound source (which is then sent through the rest of the plugin’s processing).

I’m having trouble figuring out how to properly override setPreferredBusArrangement to not allow the plugin to be instantiated with any ‘main bus’ channels, but to allow for left/right sidechain channels to be received. Is this actually possible?

Alternatively, is there a way to create an audio plugin that is MIDI keyboard controllable but still has a stereo input bus?


Although this is in theory possible with the new multi-bus API on the develop branch, many DAWs will not allow this configuration. For example, Logic will always present the first bus as the main input bus. There is no way to “skip” a bus with AUs. Same thing is true for VST2s. VST3s do support a flag to indicate that your main bus is a sidechain bus but JUCE doesn’t support this.

Hmm… as for another approach, rather than crafting the plug-in as a synth, does JUCE allow for the creation of MIDI-controlled effects? e.g., instantiating the plugin with 2-ins 2-outs as an audio effect, but having the capability to send MIDI from elsewhere in a host to the plug-in. I know that plug-ins like BT/iZotope’s Stutter Edit work in this manner.

Yes! Simply don’t click “Is a synth” in the projucer, just click “Wants midi input”

Ah, somehow missed that. Thanks!