It seems that AudioProcessor::silenceInProducesSilenceOut is NOT called by the AU, VST, VST3, AAX or LADSPA wrappers or PluginFormat

So i'm not sure about the point to have to define it in the introjucer..?


Hmm. Didn't realise that. It certainly was used in the past, but I guess things have changed and maybe it could now be removed.

It seems like it could be a useful optimisation, but actually may not be practical because if a host used it to not call the process method when it knows the plugin is being sent silence, it could mess-up plugins which still need their callback to be continued so they can do other work like checking the playhead.

Opinions? If we removed it, it'd probably also make sense to remove the JucePlugin_SilenceInProducesSilenceOut macro too..

FYI we decided it was a good idea to ditch that method, so have done that now..

ok, thanks!