Simple IN-OUT with juce

Hi, i am new with JUCE. I need to do the following:

  1. create a basic juce app (console is ok) that runs on Android;
  2. discover all drivers available (here i should find Oboe only);
  3. discover all devices supported by the Oboe driver and for each device all main charateristics (name, NInputChannels, NOutputChannels, SampleRatesSupported, minBufferSize).
  4. open a device (the default device probably) assigning a callback for processing, and desided sampleRate, bufferSize, nInput and nOutput channels.
  5. being notified by a callback if something in the background changes (default device, buffer size, sample rate).

I use to do these things in a very easy way with RtAudio, now i am trying to follow juce code but really can’t understand. Is it possible to have an example code or a high level explanation about this?

Thank you,