Simple RSS Reader

As part of my learning process, I created a (very) simple RSS reader.
It does not have robust error checking, and only recognnizes RSS/RDF feeds.
The main component RSSList derives from ListBox, and can probably used for other apps. Feel free to butcher the code :slight_smile:

See readme.txt for some sample URLs.

Uses juce 1.7 (although it should work with 1.6), and I have used VC++ xpress.

Here’s the code:

any chance of re-posting/emailing this code for us/me ?

thanks in advance.

as usual

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages, but have been stalled due to the fact that Juce does not allow connections through proxies. Very simple to do in C# with .net2. Wish Jules could do something similar as I cant be the only one sitting behind a proxy.