Single channel images


I tried using SingleChannel pixel format and noticed that a lot of stuff is unfinished. A few operations that appear to work give odd results, and others throw up ‘not finished’ assertions.

Is this likely to be a short term, or long term thing? I only ask as there are some brute force image processing classes I’m working on, where single channel would be much more efficient than A/RGB.

Hi valley

I’d forgotten all about those - I really just created that format for use as alpha channels, so haven’t used them in-depth. I’ll make a note to look at it again sometime, but no idea how much work it’d be to implement fully (might be really time-consuming)…

ok, not to worry.

I’ll just use ARGB for the time being.

Consider this a low priority FR though. An alpha image that supports all the usual Graphics context stuff could be useful for all kinds of things from an image processing perspective.