Sizer Component

As I port my code over from GTK/Qt, one of the lacks I'm addressing is the layout management.

In specific, I need to emulate the "hbox" and "vbox" styles of layout managers, where items are added into the layout mgr, which will evenly space them.

The StretchableLayoutManager doesn't do what I want, because it resizes the children; I just want them to move.  For example, if I place buttons I want them evenly spaced at their current size.

I was able to do something simple which works, but it always puts the child component at an offset of 0 from the beginning of its location.  I can certainly evenly space the items (based on their current dimensions, but I'm also interested in allowing a "padding" to increase the space around an item.  

I could not find something like that; is there any such thing?