Slidable/Draggable windows in iOS

I’m new to iOS programming and have a question:

How do I make windows, that can be dragged vertically and/or horizontally. I have a windows with a tabbed component. The windows in the tabs can’t be fitted in a windows on an iPhone. Thus I need to be able to make the window with the tabbed component draggable on iOS. Alternatively I can make more windows, but they still need to be draggable.

Thanks in advence

Apart from solving the problem you’re describing you might also want to rethink your design… iOS / Android apps generally don’t have draggable windows, they usually have views that are pushed via UIViewController. This is not something Juce supports directly so you may have to look at doing some of your navigation on the iOS side if thats the direction you want to go.

I’ll take a look and see if I can understand it.

BTW: What happens, if I add scroll bars to the window?


IMO scrollbars are for desktop apps, not mobile… And rereading your question I misunderstood you:
You can use a Viewport to allow scrolling within a component.