Slider fine adjustment via shift

I think its pretty standard (in Cubase and Logic Pro) to use the shift-key for fine slider adjustments, could this be added (or an option) ?

iirc, it’s already there. should be on by default.

I don’t think so, how?

Just checked - it’s actually cmd/ctrl that engages fine mode.

yes, i need shift, which is almost standard :wink:

you’ll have to add your own processing for the shift button - just check out how cmd/ctrl works

funny thread, yes of course i could do that, but I already studied the slider-source code before creating this topic, than i came to the conclusion, that there is not a elegant, non-hacky, or without need to re-implementation already existing functionality approach, to create this behaviour which is almost standard in all major DAWs.
A simple override-able callback in the Slider-class bool isModifierKeyFineMode(…) would do the job.

I obviously wasn’t aware that you’re already done that, for all I knew you weren’t aware that any of that functionality has been implemented in some form. If you had mentioned any of that in the OP I would have known to keep my attempt at being helpful to myself :smiley:

I appreciate that you wanted to be helpful. Please back to topic! @jules?

I’ve no objection to extending Slider a bit to allow the modifier to be specified. Bit busy here though, want to submit a change request? Probably best to just add a method that let a caller pass the set of modifiers that it should use.

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Okay! good opportunity to familiarize myself with git

For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen it universally declared that ‘shift’ is the default key to engage fine adjustment mode for GUI controls. Every plugin programmer writes different stuff and they leave it to their pdf manual to say which keystrokes enable certain modes. I guess that is more a reflection of the API they used to create their plugin?

I’ve already done that some time ago. I’ve also extended the “reset to default” functionality so that you can specify a modifier key along with a single or double click to reset the slider to its default value.
I’ve adapted the code to the latest develop commit and produced a patch that you can find attached, if you want give it a look.

slider_patch.txt (14.4 KB)


Thanks, will take a look