Slider LookAndFeel

Hi everybody,

I am new to JUCE, and I am trying to do the following:
I want a Slider with incDecButtons style, but I want to position the buttons in both sides of the label i.e. a "-" on the left on the label and a "+" on the right.

How should I approach that? Can it be done through a custom LookAndFeel, should I build my own component with a label and two textButtons?

As a secondary question, I would also like to add a border (I know the label has one) arrount the whole component that changes on a mouseOver event.

Can these things both e done just by a new LookAndFeel? What functions should I override?

Thank you in advance,

As far as I can tell, unf it is currently not possible to change the look and feel of the IncDec buttons, as this functionality (method resizeIncDecButtons()) is hidden away in Slider's private Pimpl implementation class. It's not in the LookAndFeel and therefore can't be overridden.

There is a chance we might refactor that Slider class in the future - there are several threads here about its current limitations...

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Well, bummer...!

Should I just make a group component of my own using basic components (textButton and Label)?
Sorry for the novice-level questions but I would like to follw the "JUCE" logic as much as I can.

Anyway, thanks Timur for your answer.