Slider : Modify Interval Without modifying value

Is there anyway to change the interval of a Slider without modifying the value?

For example, I have a slider with a range of 0 to 2,700; default interval is 10, but want to allow the user to fine tune in intervals of 1.

Changing the interval to 1 works. As soon as the interval is changed back to 10, it automatically rounds the value, as according to the docs:

the steps in which the value is allowed to increase - if this is not zero, the value will always be (newMinimum + (newInterval * an integer)).

I’m after behaviour where the user can change in increments of 10, or change in increments of 1 when holding a modifier key.

Am I missing something here?

Hi @rusty, I’m after the same behaviour, did you end up finding a solution for this?

Use: Slider:: setVelocityModeParameters()