Slider : rotaryStop not always taken into account

I want an “infinite slider”, so I call setRotaryParameters, with stopAtEnd = false.

But this only work when the slider is is in “rotary” mode.

Is there any reason it’s not the case with RotaryHorizontalDrag, RotaryVerticalDrag or RotaryHorizontalVerticalDrag ?
Otherwise could you consider changing the slider class to support it ?

Not sure I understand…? Since those modes aren’t circular, how could they be “endless”?

The drag is not “circular”, but the slider is still “circular”, so it could continue it’s rotation endlessly until the user stop dragging.
I just want an infinite potentiometer, which don’t stop rotating, and that I can drag vertically/horizontally

Did this go anywhere, I am also looking for the same feature, an endless slider that is controlled vertically.

No, I think that nothing has changed regarding this (as far as I can remember, but you should check).
The design of the app as was working on at that time had changed and I did not needed it anymore in the end