Slider::setRotaryParameters with stopAtEnd = true strange behavior on mouseDown

I found that the pimpl::mouseDrag() is always called in mouseDown() even when no drag has occurred yet. This causes an issue when the Slider value is already at its maximum value and a click occurs on the slider (without dragging), the slider immediately jumps to the minimum value. It’s easily noticeable if the range uses an interval greater than 0.


mySlider->setRange(0.0, 1.0, 0.1);
mySlider->setRotaryParameters(mySlider->getRotaryParameters().startAngleRadians, mySlider->getRotaryParameters().endAngleRadians, false);

When the slider is at value 1.0 (maximum), a single click on it makes it jump to 0.

Is this a Juce bug or is there a workaround?