sliderValueChanged() not called when using automation

Here’s my first (dumb) question on this forum.
I’m trying to code an audio application. The problem I have is that the sliderValueChanged() is called only when I move a parameter by hand, the automation doesn’t call it.
On the other hand the UI follows the automation without problem… Is there a specific method that I would have forgot to implement that could lead to this situation?
(Juce 2.0.27, built with Juce 2.0.28, the VST simply crashes the host at startup…)
Thanks by advance,

Well a slider will only update when you give it a new value, it won’t magically know when a parameter is changed - you’d need to call its setValue method to tell it.

Care to give more info, a stack trace, etc?

Thanks, it was even worse : I browsed my code for a few hours, looking in the parts I’m not sure to fully understand what they are supposed to do (first audio plugin) and realized that I had simply instantiated the slider with “dontSendNotification”…
Sorry for the noise!
I’ll try to send you more info about the crashes tomorrow.

Ok, I post a new reply here even if the problem is slightly different : I thought I had finished my plugin because during my tests everything was working fine, but when I tried to use it in a real project I realized I had a new problem : everything is working fine till my vst is visible but when I close the GUI to use it exclusively with the automation nothing work… when I reopen it, the sliders restart to follow the automation and the sliderValueChanged() method is called and it restarts sending OSC messages (the goal of the plugin)… Can someone point me a direction to fix this?
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PS : For the 2.0.28 problem, I guess it came from my code since I use it now without problem.

Sounds like a problem in your implementation. Presumably you’ve hacked it so that your sliders are somehow involved in the automation process - you need to be careful to keep your UI separate from your actual processing algorithms.

Thanks for your quick reply Jules!
Indeed the osc messages are totally relying on the sliders setup (range + steps), so if I understand you well I must absolutely not rely on any GUI component for my messages, let’s say I have to use the parameter value [0.;1.] in my AudioProcessor then hack it so it reflects what I’ve setup for my sliders? I realize that if I’m right, I have to rewrite my whole plugin! Ok, I’ll try to figure out how I can do this.
Thanks again!