Small documentation bug

The documentation mentions: Expression::EvaluationContext this class does not exist, from what i see it was replaced with Expression::Scope

Where did you see that? I can’t find it…

ah, it’s not in the code any more - the online docs just need updating.

yeah i know but i got confused.

I can’t get the Expression class to work, it never touches the Expression::Scope i pass to the evaluate() method, and throws errors about unresolved symbols (witch is correct since it never tries to resolve them).

Could you maybe write a few lines of pseudo code hot to get the ball rolling on this ?

That just sounds like you’ve not overloaded the callbacks correctly… None of the virtuals in Scope are pure, so if you got the name or parameters slightly wrong, it’d all compile but not work.

as always you are correct, missed a “const” in the method declaration.

very useful class and easy to use, thanks for that.