Small Feature Request: override/lambda for Slider::getNumDecimalPlacesToDisplay

I was wondering if you would consider making Slider::getNumDecimalPlacesToDisplay virtual (I’m guessing no) or providing a lambda option for this? The number of decimal places I want to display often depends on the magnitude of the value. For example, for a delay time or duration value, I want more precision < 1s, but need less of it displayed for larger values.

I seem to recall there’s a plan for lambdas on the range conversion for sliders, so figured I’d put this request out there in case it’s not already part of the discussion.

You can achieve this currently by overriding Slider::getTextFromValue()

You should also override Slider::getValueFromText() to match.

Thanks for replying. That’s what I’m doing now, I just feel like it would be slightly cleaner to not have to mess with the text parsing bits.