Small problems at the latest tip


Theese are small things i found today:

  1. when showing the customization dialog for the toolbar you don’t get a Modal dialog (the call is not blocked) so you don’t know when the dialog ends (it’s hard to write the toolbar state, you need to overload the Toolbar class to catch the dragging events)

  2. The popup bubble for sliders that appears when dragging does not appear when doing mouseWheel moves, i don’t know if that was the authors intention but it would be useful to have that added and/or have that as an option to the setPopupDisplayEnabled() call.


Modal dialogs are generally bad and should be avoided where possible, sorry!

And no, the mouse-wheel was never intended to show a popup, but it’s a good request, thanks!


I just overloaded the dragAndDrop methods and went around the problem, i mentioned this cause the manual says “this method will block” and it does not, it might confuse people and make them put some code after the code that updates the toolbar state (or saves it somewhere).

generally i always considered the Toolbar class to be missing some form of changeListener/broadcaster mechanism, that would solve a lot of issues really.


Oops, sorry - I’ll change the docs for that method.


I’ll continue here,

  1. the table header component has all static colour built in (can’t change them using setColour() findColour() methods)
  2. When using the MultiDocumentPanel you can’t change the height of the tabs used inside the component, maybe access to the underlying TabbedComponent could be added or at least the member variable made protected ?