Small typo in demo plugin

diff --git a/examples/Plugins/AudioPluginDemo.h b/examples/Plugins/AudioPluginDemo.h
index 229ef5c4..71570307 100644
--- a/examples/Plugins/AudioPluginDemo.h
+++ b/examples/Plugins/AudioPluginDemo.h
@@ -547,9 +547,9 @@ private:
         synth.renderNextBlock (buffer, midiMessages, 0, numSamples);
         // Apply our delay effect to the new output..
-        applyDelay (buffer, delayBuffer, gainParamValue);
+        applyDelay (buffer, delayBuffer, delayParamValue);
-        applyGain (buffer, delayBuffer, delayParamValue); // apply our gain-change to the outgoing data..
+        applyGain (buffer, delayBuffer, gainParamValue); // apply our gain-change to the outgoing data..
         // Now ask the host for the current time so we can store it to be displayed later...

Thanks, will get that sorted.