SOLVED: Custom action when clicking slider's text box?

I have a slider with a read-only text box. I’d still like to be able to perform a custom action when the text box is clicked. I can’t find a LookAndFeel, Component, or Slider method I could override or register to make this happen. Thoughts on how to make this happen?

The SliderLabelComp is the class to look for. It was introduced in LookAndFeel_V2 and is inherited to V3 and V4:

You can either override the SliderLabelComp, if the change of behaviour is in the Label only, or if you want to register a listener, you can override createSliderTextBox, where you have access to the created SliderLabelComp instance.


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The SliderLabelComp was private so I made my own class that derives from label. Then my override to createSliderTextBox returns my implementation instead of SliderLabelComp. In that class I do:

void mouseUp (const MouseEvent&) override

That’s where I can handle my mouseclick. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!