[Solved] How do you replace Project Version through the CLI on Windows?

Hi JUCErs,

2nd question about build automation on Windows, today. @daniel helped me out with the previous one.

On Mac, before building the release binaries I alter the .plist’s of all targets in order to set the build version of my project. How do I do this on Windows?

I could use rcedit on the CLI to edit the built dll’s for VST2, but VST3 isn’t a dll.

Do I need to edit resources.rc file in the VisualStudio2017 exporter root dir? How do I do that?

Thanks for any responses.

The Projucer can do that, try Projucer --help, it can do a lot.
The ones interesting for you:

 Projucer --resave project_file
    Resaves all files and resources in a project.

 Projucer --resave-resources project_file
    Resaves just the binary resources for a project.

 Projucer --get-version project_file
    Returns the version number of a project.

 Projucer --set-version version_number project_file
    Updates the version number in a project.

 Projucer --bump-version project_file
    Updates the minor version number in a project by 1.

 Projucer --git-tag-version project_file
    Invokes 'git tag' to attach the project's version number to the current git repository.

IIRC it updates plist and rc files. The build number is also available as ProjectInfo::versionString (see JuceHeader.h at the end)



Beautiful. Thanks again for the big help.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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