[SOLVED] Pro Tools APVTS Crash

Wondering if anyone has run into this before… we use AudioProcessorValueTreeState for our parameters, we’re on JUCE 5.4.3 (master).

When loading up our plugin as a regular plugin and then an AudioSuite plugin (both windows open) in Pro Tools 2018.7 we experience a crash with the ParameterAdapter class inside the APVTS implementation. Specifically it crashes on:

In lldb it seemed like perhaps the parameter reference was invalid, but this doesn’t happen consistently…

Is it possible that you have a dangling listener somewhere? Maybe you registered a listener, but forgot to remove the listener when it was destructed.

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That was exactly it, thanks for the direction :slight_smile:

I had my proper removeListener() calls in place, however there was a separate bit of logic that was accidentally clearing out the array storing all the listeners to remove… oops!