[SOLVED] Quick request for confirmation about breaking change re. discrete param value scaling?

I saw the following item in the “breaking changes” file. The change was apparently made by @reuk in commit daf876172792a9ce43bce29c1ab0560964b381b2.

So, is it correct that this change is really only relevant if you’re building a JUCE AU host app? So, it does not affect an AU plugin product itself (if it’s used in other hosts)?
From the first line of the “Possible Issues” section, I think the answer is “correct”, but then the first line in “Rationale” had me doubting… Could someone please clarify/confirm?

The implementations of `getValue` and `setValue` in `AUInstanceParameter` now
properly take the ranges of discrete parameters into account.

Possible Issues
This issue affects JUCE Audio Unit hosts. Automation data previously saved for
a discrete parameter with a non-zero minimum value may not set the parameter to
the same values as previous JUCE versions. Note that previously, `getValue` on
a hosted discrete parameter may have returned out-of-range values, and
`setValue` may have only mapped to a portion of the parameter range. As a
result, automation recorded for affected parameters was likely already behaving

There is no workaround.

The old behaviour was incorrect, and was causing issues in plugin validators
and other hosts. Hosts expect `getValue` to return a normalised parameter
value. If this function returns an out-of-range value (including Inf and NaN)
this is likely to break assumptions made by the host, leading to crashes,
corrupted project data, or other defects.

This change only affects JUCE Audio Unit hosts.

OK, thanks for the quick reaction!