Sound Stretching / Pitch Shifting

Hello everybody,

Discovered JUCE recently and i am really amazed! I am planning to deal all my GUI/Audio work with it =)
Especially Projucer is really nice for GUI design. You will see me often here now :smiley:

I had a simple question : regarding on a DAW project, i was wondering if
-Audio Time Stretching
-Audio Pitch Shifting
-Sample Slicing
features could be accomplished through JUCE Audio structures and pointers or if you recommand to use an external lib ?

(was thinking to use soundtouch for Time Stratching/ Pitch Shifting : )

thanks in advance for your answers,
Best Regards,

Yes, soundtouch is probably the best free/open-source time-stretch library. There are better commercial libraries like Elastique if you’re building a commercial product and have some cash to spend…

Given Elastique is so widely used and attested - is there any scope for the JUCE team doing a deal with zPlane whereby zPlane offer a timed-out developer-demo-only version of their binaries - and come up with some new JUCE classes to easily incorporate them in a JUCE app.?

Maybe the JUCE classes could have macro switches in them to select free/open source libraries or zPlane - or even Celemony etc ! all wrapped in JUCE similar as is done when hosting plugins !

Clearly some of this code already exists in some form in Traction so could be adapted for inclusion in the JUCE library.

The binaries could be made with time-outs, run only inside Xcode or an IDE not standalone - insert noises every now and then,… but all ow developers to work on zPlane stuff and then buy licenses from zPlane when ready to release a product.

Or if zPlane insist on charging ( as they did when i last worked with their libraries ) for developers too - maybe come to a special deal for JUCE devs ?

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