Soundfont (sf2)?

Yeah is this planned in juce at any time in the future (i guess not cause this is not the most exciting format ever i know).

Maybe someone knows of a good library for reading/writing sf2 files, i know theese are RIFF files and it’s a matter of chunks and data, but after looking at the specs on creative’s site:

my head exploded with all the MFC mess. I don’t want to remind myself of the mfc hell, so any links/ideas example would be nice.

Although this is a very old thread, it seems to be the only one of its kind, so I dared to reply anyways.

Did you in the meanwhile have any success with this? I am currently also looking for a SF2 and DLS reader in order to implement a basic minimal GM Synth that can replace Apple’s DLSMusicDevice (which is apparently no longer supported on 10.7. At least the playback volume is extremely low and cannot be changed).

If you are not afraid of porting from Java, check out this:

The code is very clean and proper. It is a way better option for cross-platform code than dealing with Windows-specific MFC hacks.

Any idea?

I never got around to it, looking at now there seems to be a couple of opensource projects dealing with soundfonts, one called SWAMI looks to have a library for managing sf2 files, though i see it glib based, and exampel can be found here: