Splitting up MidiFile::readFrom?


I'm parsing some really big (300kb!) midi files and MidiFile::readFrom is one big block and hard to cut up. I would love to be able to show the user some kind of progress, but this isn't really possible with the way the midi file reading is set up... Any ideas?

 - bram

I guess it could have some sort of optional progress variable, e.g. a double* parameter that it sets. Haven't time to write + check it myself, but it should be a pretty trivial change if you want to send me a patch..

What kind of midi file is that slow to load? Rachmaninovs complete piano concert no 2 in C minor (15 tracks, 30 minutes, 300kB) loads in a fraction of a second! Even in debug mode it doesn't take more than 2-3 s to load.