Sporadic Regression 6.0.7 -> develop in Standalone Settings window in Linux Develop


I upgraded our surge nightly to develop last week to get all the changes you had swept for us into our testers hands (thank you again!). When doing so, I started getting sporadic, system dependent, and not super reproducible problems with sizing the standalone settings window on linux. Here’s one such report:

and the full discussion Linux Standalone the `Options -> Audio/MIDI settings` dialog issue - JUCE related · Issue #4792 · surge-synthesizer/surge · GitHub

It seems with some settings in some window manager, the standalone settings window ignores the size, packs tight, and shows at 0,0. I could reproduce this for a while on ubuntu 20 but when I pulled juce from 802f33b to 087cda7 then problem resolved for me. But some of our other users still see it - sporadically on mint, sporadically on ubuntu 20, and less sporadically on buster. Changing WM settings in buster will also make the problem resolve.

I took a look at the git log for juce in linux ui land to see if there was anything obvious, but i didn’t see anything - but I’m also not an X11 expert.

Any ideas? Sound familiar at all?

Thanks so much!

Thanks, this looks like a bug on our side. I think setSize can be called inside SettingsComponent::resized, which confuses the window manager. I have a potential fix which will hopefully be on develop early next week.

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Excellent thanks!

See this is on develop now. Thanks @reuk !!

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For future reference, this is the patch:

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Yeah our Linux users put your commit on my surge issue a few hours ago! (The surge Linux testing group is super amazing by the way! Friendly fun and accurate)

Thanks again