Standalone applications and multicore CPUs

I'm developing a standalone application (not a plugin) which is able to load multiple plugin instances. It's very important for the project that each plugin (or a group of them) run in its own kernel level thread, taking advantage of the multicore CPUs.

I didn't find any example or documentation about how to do it. Can I do it with Juce? (maybe in a future?) If I can, where can I see any example or documentation? Maybe with third party libraries? Any tip will be welcome!

In C++, all threads are "kernel level" threads. Obviously juce has a ton of threading classes, you won't need anything else. 

But.. having recently implemented parallel plugin rendering in Tracktion, I should warn you that getting a pool of threads to render and combine their output with a low enough latency for realtime playback will require ninja-level mastery of non-blocking thread techniques. So good luck with your learning experience!

Thank you. Then Juce's Thread classes with proper non-blocking techniques are enough for using the multiple CPU's core, right? Could external libraries like Intel TBB ease the work (if you know about them)?


Yeah, you don't actually need any fancy features to do this, just atomics and basic threads.