Standalone Audio/Midi Settings window test doesn't work, prepareToPlay and processBlock never called

I’ve been having some trouble figuring out what’s up with this plugin. In standalone mode it fails to call prepareToPlay or processBlock, and the “test” button on the Audio/Midi Settings doesn’t work. I’m a newbie so I’m sure the problem is on my end, but I’m not sure exactly why the standalone wrapper isn’t managing to talk to coreaudio. In standalone, the UI loads and works just fine, but it seems that in hosts (max/msp and logic) it doesn’t even load the window.

Let me know if any debug output would be helpful…

I’m no expert, but in a host, you don’t have access to the Audio/MIDI Settings window, because the host controls all of that. The Audio/MIDI Settings window is only applicable to the standalone.

In a plugin, you have to deal with the audio settings as they are provided to you by the host.

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Yeah, I’m aware that this only applies to the standalone. I’m just curious why exactly my standalone fails to call processBlock (or prepareToPlay) when using coreaudio through built-in I/O.

I’m sure that this problem is related to the issues that caused the failure to load the plugin window in hosts as well.

The host generally fails to even load the plugin, so I’m not able to deal with audio settings provided to me by the host because the plugin never launches.

Need more details on your project. Is this an audio plugin you have created from scratch in the Projucer? It sounds like you may not have the project correctly defined, with the correct juce modules included, if a host won’t even load it. But there are no details here regarding what this project is, how it was created, what host you are testing it with, etc.