Starting to learn audio dev and device programming

hi! m starting to learn arduino and plugin development… have been doing algorithms in competitive programming and music in fl studio. M learning so that i can serve the community. However now my skills are not advanced. I have worked in a startup before where i made music apps using c++ using opengl front end and sounds from fl.

As i build i shall be sharing here. If in anytime you guys feel my skills are upto mark please let me know at

Hi, a good way is to use Juce, what saves you from some different Things around the different SDK’s.
I at first can recommend to work in the Modern Way ,what handles with functional Development the modern and with LowLevel more Speed and the Boundaries of Numbers are more robust than you develop on the conventional Way :slight_smile:

yamaha acquired steinberg vst… will vst support go away?? how will vst and juce continue??

Considering that was 15 years ago, I think it’s safe to say VST is here to stay :wink:


At least VST3… but that is a different story, and has nothing to do with yamaha :wink:

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Hey @chandubaba, a few bits of advice that you might find helpful that I picked up back when. The nature of real-time audio programming inherently has some quirks to it that you may not be used to if coming from a general programming/C++ background. To acclimate, check out this article on real-time audio programming and go through the JUCE demos - they’re great at tuning your brain to the “vibe” of DSP programming, specifically how to handle different threads, the GUI vs. the DSP code, etc…

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