Static C++ library for android

Hi everyone,
I am trying to build a native c++ static library with android studio exporter for ARM processors, am I correct to assume this is not supported in the projucer exporters?

Can somebody give me some pointers, on how to go about this?


Edit: upon further research I found out that the library files are in the intermediate folder buried deep in cmake folder of the project. Which basically means I need a post build script to copy those libraries into my artifacts folder. Unfortunately the android exporter does not have a postbuild step, are there any other ways of automating this?

Further Edit: I think this step has to be done directly in as a copy task, but for the life of me, I cant get this to work:

task copyArtifacts (type: Copy) {
    from ('lib/build/intermediates/cmake/release_/release/obj/arm64-v8a/')
    into 'lib/Android'

any thoughts would be appreciated

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Here’s some useful links: