STL alternative to OwnedArray?


Is OwnedArray still the best option for holding an array of Component's or is there an STL class that will work just as well (or even better)?


A replacement is

std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Component>> myComponents;

but OwnedArray is one of the classes I hold on to, because it reads much nicer…

There are technical opinions which ones to choose out there for sure, I am looking forward to hear them…


That’s a nice idea - hadn’t thought of that.

I guess the appeal of OwnedArray is the simplicity of adding new items (myOwnedArray.add(new MyObjectClass())). Sadly the equivalent using std::vector::push_back with the same new syntax doesn’t work (you’d instead have to use std::make_unique?) so your code starts becoming a little less pretty.

I think I’ll stick with OwnedArray for now until someone can convince me of a technical reason not to…


I think std::vector<>::emplace_back should work for this…


Oh cool, I didn’t know about emplace_back - thanks!