Strange audio buffer issue on mac


could it be that if i put the panning from a audio signal to the right side (audio buffer channel 2) that the Juce library copy's the same signal but very silent to the left side (audio buffer channel 1)... sorry for my bad english :-)))

I checked this using the Debugger and my left buffer says "zero" all the time, but i can still here the signal from the right side but very silent.
I also used memset to clear buffer channel 1 at the end of the callback, but it doesn't change anything.

Is this a known Juce issue ? I checked this using a headphone on my macbook, but same issue using a multichannel audio interface ..


thanks and regards


Nope, doesn't sound like anything JUCE would be doing. Maybe your audio device is misbehaving, or something else is happening in your app.

Might be your headphones:

Thank you for your help!

My customer discovered this problem, he is owning Motu Audio Interface, maybe he used his headphones :-)))