Strange Debug Problems with v1.10


I just finally got round to upgrading to v1.10, and was attempting to debug a particular part of my pedal board, only to find that it’s impossible to get to the part of the code I want because of continuous assert warnings.

For example, on starting the program, the execution halts at the addToDesktop() call in juce_win32_ASIO.cpp:

const String ASIOAudioIODevice::openDevice() { ... modalWindow.addToDesktop (0);
Because the assert (jassert (getWidth() > 0 && getHeight() > 0);) in the addToDesktop method fails.

This wouldn’t be a problem, as it only occurs when the program starts, but I have real problems when I open a FileChooser. For every refresh, the Component::paint() method is getting called, with the result that the jassert inside it halts execution, making it impossible for me to actually select a file.

This never happened with previous versions of JUCE, so has something been changed, or is this due to something I’ve done?

I’m using MSVC v6, btw.

  • Niall.

Yeah, don’t worry about it, or comment the line out if you want. I took the assertion out for the next release because it didn’t really matter.

Okay, thanks for the info. I was able to work out what the problem was without resorting to the debugger anyway…

  • Niall.