Strange linker problem

I’m building a plugin with JAP and I’ve got the VST version compiling successfully, but I’m having trouble with the AU version. Specifically, I get an undefined symbol error on the symbol:


Which, in its unmangled form is:

juce_setCurrentExecutableFileNameFromBundleId(juce::String const&)

This method should exist. It’s in the juce file:

And when I check the symbols from libjuce.a I see:

[n8gray@golux JuceAudioPlugin]$ nm -a ~/src/music/juce/bin/libjuce.a | grep juce_setCurrentExecutableFileNameFromBundleId
000034e8 S
00001404 T __ZN4juce45juce_setCurrentExecutableFileNameFromBundleIdERKNS_6StringE

So it looks like maybe the names are being mangled differently. Any thoughts on how to solve this problem? :?


Ah yes, sorry:

[quote=“jules”]Ah yes, sorry:[/quote]

I did actually google a bit, but of course I should have searched the forums here before asking…