String::fromUTF8 stops at non-UTF ansi Umlaut

I noticed the new build of Jucer 1.11 doesn’t load my old jucer-cpp files any more.
Older builds are working.

String::createStringFromData uses String::fromUTF8 (data, size) for encoding, and it breaks at my non-UTF8 ANSI “Ü” Hex 0xFC

[code]while (–numExtraValues >= 0 && i < (size_t) bufferSizeBytes)
const char nextByte = buffer[i];
if ((nextByte & 0xc0) != 0x80)

Did you change here something recently?

Maybe its better not to break and truncate the file, better ignore the character or use the ISO8859 table as a fallback ?


String::fromUTF8 (data, size)
String File::loadFileAsString()
JucerDocument* loadDocumentFromFile

Probably a better idea to actually save the cpp file in utf8, isn’t it…? I’d have thought these days that most editors would use utf8 by default?

yes for me of course (i only edited the file with VC++ mmhhh… )

But String::fromUTF8 will be used in many circumstances, and a normal user doesn’t see the problem behind, he only see that his application does not work properly

jules, this issue is still present in the old and the new Jucer, if there is a unknown char, the processing should not completely stopped, either it shoud ignore the char or it should jassert or give a error message back

Could you email me an offending file so I can have a go myself?

try to add this file into a jucer 3 project, and open it in the jucer text-editor, you will only see the first line

When the code comment was Chinese, the problem will become even more serious, even undermine all code of post-edit or added.