Strip symbols and reducing size (OSX)

While doing my tests under OSX I noticed that all my crash report in Logic showed the full names of my plug-in functions. I did a bit of research and I read that I should use the strip command with terminal.

I tried both strip -x and strip -x -S passing PlugIn.component/Contents/MacOS/PlugIn but nothing, I still can see them. What's the correct way of doing that? I'm using XCode 5

Also, while looking for the strip symbols stuff, I noticed a few threads about the size of mac plug-ins. What should I put (and where) in order to reduce the size of my plug-ins (for example, unused modules)?

Thanks in advance.

if [ "${CONFIGURATION}" = "Release" ] || [ "${CONFIGURATION}" = "Release_64" ] || [ "${CONFIGURATION}" = "Release_Combo" ]; then

copyAU=`nm -g "$CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR/$EXECUTABLE_PATH" | grep -i 'AudioUnit' | wc -l`

copyVST=`nm -g "$CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR/$EXECUTABLE_PATH" | grep -i 'VSTPlugin' | wc -l`

copyRTAS=`nm -g "$CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR/$EXECUTABLE_PATH" | grep -i 'CProcess' | wc -l`

copyAAX=`nm -g "$CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR/$EXECUTABLE_PATH" | grep -i 'GetEffectDescriptions' | wc -l`

if [ $copyAU -gt 0 ]; then


echo "Stripping symbols for:" "$AU"

strip -x "$AU"


if [ $copyVST -gt 0 ]; then


echo "Stripping symbols for:" "$VST"

strip -x "$VST"


if [ $copyRTAS -gt 0 ]; then


echo "Stripping symbols for:" "$RTAS"

strip -x "$RTAS"


if [ $copyAAX -gt 0 ]; then


echo "Stripping symbols for:" "$AAX"

strip -x "$AAX"



Thanks, I added this to the post-build shell script but didn't change anything in terms of size and symbols are there everywhere.

Are you sure? Check your ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST and /Components, those are the versions stripped

It doesn't copy the AU to the Components folder, so probably that's the problem. What should I do?