Surround example Plugin in Reaper, VST2


I just tried the Surround demo plugin in various hosts to better understand the new channel configuration possibilities. For me it seems that the VST2 version does not work properly in Reaper, no matter what number of channels is set for a track it always shows two buttons for stereo. In Cubase the same plugin properly adjusts to the channel config. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in Reaper or JUCE?

The VST3 version works as expected in Cubase and Reaper.


Reaper only ever supports stereo. So you’ll only get stereo mode with the Surround plug-in example.

REAPER support many more channels than stereo

Reaper supports up to 64 channels per track. And it properly detects e.g. 9.1 Surround for a 10-channel track when I use the VST3 version of the Surround example. Only the VST2 version does not work and only shows stereo no matter how many channels are in the track.

Yes, but REAPER doesn’t really have a notion of layouts (beyond stereo). Adding a ten track plug-in will not make it 9.1 Surround, right? I may be wrong.