Svg Edition like inkcape

I am new programmer, and also in linux. I need some help about display, edit, design SVG files (likes inkscape ) using the JUCE framework. I have tested some svg files, but the “Helo World” with a SVG file itis taken so much, approximately 40 seconds with a SVG file of 400kb. :shock:. Is there any other method for speed up the render velocity? Maybe i am doing it in the wrong way. In the demos the svg files work perfectly, but this are small.

Juce works perfectly in my machine, and I have made some applications.

I need information how do i do this? Is there any aplication?, some example? Is Juce appropiated for doing this?, Thanks for the help.

Yes, you can speed it up by doing a release build. (That’s not a joke - xml and svg parsing is significantly slower in a debug build because of lots of extra runtime checks). I don’t think the juce svg parser is particularly slow, and the xml parser is certainly about as fast as anything else on the market. Of course you’re welcome to test the parser and tell me which bits aren’t running efficiently…

Juce would actually be really well suited to doing an svg editor, but it’d be a serious project!

Methinks the code for Jucer might aide in the process of developing a Juce-based SVG editor or any other graphic editor for that matter. I’ve considered trying my hand at it myself, but as it stands, I’m still working out bits and pieces to a bunch of apps. I really do think a Juce-based graphic editor and SVG editor has great possibilities because of the cross-platform aspect, but it certainly would be a lot of work. It seems inevitable that it will be done, though. :slight_smile: