Symmetric Slider Skew



I’ve added a symmetric slider skew feature in

With this mode, the skew factor applies from the middle of a slider to each of its ends, instead of from one of the ends to the other.

Specifically, this is useful for sliders which have a symmetric range around the midpoint zero.

Would buy a beer at AES for a review and a merge into the juce repo :slight_smile:




Make it a whiskey.


That’s interesting I’ve just put forward a suggestion for having a lambda as an alternative to the skew in NormalisedRange, the same thing could be applied here and it would offer greater flexibility.


Hi Dan.

We’ve had a look at your code and it’s up for review soon. I expect it’ll be tested and pushed sometime next week.


Hey Dan,

Your Symmetric Slider Skew code was pushed to develop!

Thanks for sending this :smiley: