Syntax coloring for the Text component?

Hi Jules :slight_smile:

Do you have any plans regarding text coloring in the JUCE Text component?
Possibly, a different kind of a text component or a separate text component mode to display texts…

It already handles coloured text internally, but oddly, I don’t seem to have added any public methods to let you use that feature… I suppose I should probably add something to do so!

sorry, I just realised that your post is about syntax colouring, not just coloured text in general.

I’ve actually got a half-written syntax-colouring code editor that I’ve been wanting to find time to add to the library… Hopefully soon!

IIRC, haydxn or kraken did it with his angelscript langage. Knowing both guys, I guess it’s good code base to start on.

you can find a syntax colouring text editor in the angeljuice sources (there is only one syntax lexer for C like languages):

cheers !