SynthesizerVoice / SamplerVoice and pitch wheel: any example?


I try to change the pitch of a sample while moving the pitch

The sample is loaded in a samplerSound > SamplerVoice > Synthesizer.

I tried to override the StartNote method of SamplerVoice by changing the ratio, with no effect.

(also I tried the audioPluginDemo and the pitch wheel did not work at all either).

Would anyone have a working example of pitch wheel handling for SynthesizerVoice / SamplerVoice ?




Is there an update on this? I more or less have the same question and appreciate more information. I’m interested in pitch bend of sampled stuff.

Take a look to this is what you need.

For memorisation:
Pitch modification => sample resampling (with linear interpolation or more complex algorithm), pitch change, quality depend of the ratio.
Time modification => sample stretching, no pitch change, duration change, more complex process.

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Ok, I probably need a bit more information on the infrastructure.

What I have at the moment:

  • using Synthesiser with SamplerVoices
  • using “addSound” in order to add my wav sound to the synth
  • in the processor I’m using the synth @ processBlock: --> calling the “renderNextBlock”
  • the correct sound will be played when I hit the midi key - pitch is correct

Now my question is, how can I modify the pitch when the pitch wheel is changed - in that context?

Thank you for sharing the ResamplingAudioSource. But at the moment I don’t see how to use this :thinking:

What I’ve done is playing arround with the function pitchWheelMoved of SamplerVoice and handlePitchWheel of Synthesiser - but with little success so far, and I not really find more information on how to use it.

Take a look at for getting information about the pitchwheel value and is meaning. You need convert that value to a correct ratio :

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