SysEx from Plugin


Does anybody know if Cubase 5.1 does support SysEx, generated by a plugin?
I can send SysEx messages from my plugin if I load it into VSTHost but sending SysEx
from inside Cubase don’t work.
The lenght of the message is 267 bytes but I also tried shorter ones w/o success.
I know that the guy, called Atom uses SysEX for his Juno editor but even that doesn’t work in Cubase.
I may do something wrong here but why does it work in VSTHost then and with physical outputs ;-(
Or is there a list of host who support it?

Thank you!

Cubase does not support from VSTs they use their own Device Panels (XML files), some hosts do support SysEx from plugins (like FLStudio) some don’t support any MIDI from plugins (like Ableton Live). The whole MIDI issue is a big thing i’ve been working on my Ctrlr project for some time now and i tested this on almost every DAW there is. I decided to transmit MIDI directly to the device from the plugin, this causes issues with time-based events (notes and others) but for generic Editing puproses, it’s enough, plus using some virtual MIDI devices you can setup a decent enough routing to get you going.

The Ctrlr project is all about MIDI in AU and VST plugins, has the current list of supported devices, the sourcecode for the framework and all the Ctrlrs is here it’s GPL so have a go. I’m trying to build a universal librarian now, that will be able to dump and send programs for each device, using simple LUA scripts for message translation from Ctrlr to the device, so other people can write those little pieces themsleves.

Thanks atom,

i already have implemented a hardware output to send the sysex messages but it makes things
more complicated for the user and my expieriences with virtuel cables are more negative.
Most of them cause crashes when highly loaded or they cause the host to crash.
I could live with sending the sysex to the hardware output because there are only a few
messages with no need for recording them into the sequencer. I can use standard control messages
for any sound parameter. But to do so, my plugin should be loadable as MIDI plugin into a Midi insert slot to record
any changes into the timeline if the user tweaks parameter on my plugin.

Can I compile my plugin as MIDi insert plugin? Do you know about that?


I don’t know what that means, i guess it’s some sort of Cubase thing or you are talking about the VST Module SDK witch is different from the VST SDK and is not supported by JUCE.

Yes, it is probably the VST Module SDK where you can create those MidiFX plugins and Juce does not support it :frowning:

Another question you or somebody else may can answer:

Normally it is not possible to open one Midi interface twice by different apps except it uses a multi client driver.
What about opening it by a VST plugin. Are there the same restrictions?
I tried this and it did work so far but could be random.
Isn’t the plugin the same process as the host?


VST plugins are treated the same way as programs, this works on some drivers, but from what i’ve notiiced most vendors don’t support that (this is windows ofcourse) on linux and MAC this is not an issue.

Thank you!!!