System Font?

I’ve added a TaskbarIconComponent to my project, along with a popup
menu to go with the mini icon.

I’m trying to get the font in the popup menu to match the font in the rest of my system. It’s there for the tool tip of the same component. How can I get that font information? getDefaultMonospacedFontName() is close, but it still looks like an anti-aliased version of what the system is using.

No idea - you’d need to go digging around in Win32 stuff to find out what it’s using for menus.

i imagine that even if you find the exact font, it’ll end up looking like an antialiased version of that font anyway. By default, windows XP uses Tahoma and Trebuchet MS (the latter for the window titles). not sure how you’d find that in code for systems with alternate themes though.

I think you can read the font from the registry.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics looks like the place, but it’s kept in binary so I have no idea how to work it.

Is there a way to have a LookAndFeel class turn off antialiasing for text?

that’s not handled in lookAndFeel, it’s something jules has coded into juce’s graphics routines. we’ve had this discussion a scrillion times in the forum [person A thinks antialiasing is bad, person B + jules thinks WTF are you talking about antialiasing is the bomb]

Personally, i think antialiasing is super top of cool, and stand by jules’ determined stance of keeping it in. That said i can appreciate that it would make a LOT of people happy to be able to, for example, have a Graphics::setAntiAlias(bool shouldAntiAlias) function to disable it when needed.