Tab key doesn't change focus in ProTools plugins

Hi, we have a project that builds VST, RTAS, and AudioSuite plugins. One of our dialogs is a form with focus order specified for the various controls. We have JucePlugin_EditorRequiresKeyboardFocus set to ‘1’ to ensure we get keystrokes when the plugin has focus. Keyboard entry works as expected except the tab key doesn’t cause fields to be traversed when tab is hit in the RTAS and AudioSuite versions.

It doesn’t appear that Pro Tools is getting the keystroke either at first, but if I explicitly click the PT window to give it focus, then click in one of our plugin’s text fields, the tab key then is processed by PT regardless of whether PT or the plugin has the focus.

The VST version responds properly to the tab key. Any ideas to get this working on Pro Tools?

Louis Sinclair