Tabbed Component

I’m new to JUCE, and I’m evaluating using it for an update of a VB6 legacy project that I’ve been assigned. I’m coming over from MFC and I’m trying to get my head around JUCE.

I’m working on an inventory tracking app. I want to structure the GUI of the app like Tracktion, with three tabs showing different pages of info. My question is, what is the proper structure for this type of thing? How are page-like interfaces setup? Do I start with a text editor component and fill it with whatever sub components I need, then use the tab component to switch what’s being exposed?

Any detailed guidance would be great.



you can look at example source code using tabbed component here:

Thanks. I’d like to compile it, but the “AEffectx.h” file is missing?


Nevermind. I guess that’s part of the VST SDK.

Shit. I’ve totally given up on this control (ver. 1.11). I’ve implemented it exactly as it has been done in your project (ost12666) and I’ve tried to use the code in a thread I found searching here, but no matter what, I get an access violation when it’s created, or I get “ambiguous” errors if it’s inherited with DialogWindow.

I’m fumbing around here, but why is this such a difficult control to use?


As I recall, its not completely finished.